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Infrared / อินฟราเรด

Sipin Power Regulator

UV / ยูวี

UVC Lamp / หลอดยูวีฆ่าเชื้อ


UVA-UVB / หลอดยูวีเอ-ยูวีบี


Hot Air Products


 Hand-Held Welding Forsthoff

 Hot Air Welding Machine JC Tool

High Pressure Blower

 High Frequeny Machine Heagon

 Toshiba Electron Triode Oscillation Tube


Thai Inter Lamp Forsthoff


Thai Inter lamp ยินดีต้อนรับ เรา จำหน่าย หลอดอินฟราเรด infrared lamp (short wave) และ Infrared Heater, รับสร้างเครื่องอบระบบความร้อนทุกชนิด,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          


HF Blister Packing

  High Frequency Welding Machine – P type

 The P-type high frequency plastic welding machine is dedicated for blister packaging. It can pack PVC, PETG, GPET, PET, APET, GAG and other blisters. High Frequency Blister Packing Machine, High Frequency Double blister sealing machine, sealing High Frequency, Blister Welding Machine, High Frequency Blister Welding Machine

 How does High Frequency welding machine work? 

 The High Frequency Oscillation tank creates an alternating electric field between two high frequency electro. When the material is placed between two electro, the electro field will cause the molecule of the material to oscillate, this oscillation cause the friction of the material molecule and thus, create heat. The high frequency method provides a internal heating process, it is far more efficient than the conduction or convection heating method

 High Frequency Machine is usually divided into two parts, one is the generator tank of the oscillation frequency, the other part is the press for the product processing. The Oscillation tank is where the High Frequency is generated. The most common oscillation tank in Taiwan is 40.68 MHz and 27.12 MHz and the output power from 4KW to 25KW are the most commonly seem. Output power over 25KW is mainly customized machine. Furthermore, the small wattage non-oscillation tube machine is not as common in Taiwan. The welding material is laid on the press, the press contain upper and lower electrode. These two electrode has two main functions: The first is to transfer the energy onto the plastic material, second, is to press weld the processing materials

 In general, the lower electrode is installed in the press section of the desk board, this part is set to ground, hand-touch will not cause any problem. Upper electrode is installed in the press on the nose part. It can be manufactured to the shape of welding electrodes, high frequency oscillation cylinder is to provide high-frequency to electrode

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