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Infrared / อินฟราเรด

Sipin Power Regulator

UV / ยูวี

UVC Lamp / หลอดยูวีฆ่าเชื้อ


UVA-UVB / หลอดยูวีเอ-ยูวีบี


Hot Air Products


 Hand-Held Welding Forsthoff

 Hot Air Welding Machine JC Tool

High Pressure Blower

 High Frequeny Machine Heagon

 Toshiba Electron Triode Oscillation Tube


Thai Inter Lamp Forsthoff


Thai Inter lamp ยินดีต้อนรับ เรา จำหน่าย หลอดอินฟราเรด infrared lamp (short wave) และ Infrared Heater, รับสร้างเครื่องอบระบบความร้อนทุกชนิด,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          


HF Blister Packing

  High Frequency Welding Machine – Rotary Table type

 Dose your product formed by more than one layers? The best way is to use high frequency welding. High frequency welding, also known as media or electronic heat fusion welding, the materials applicable for high frequency welding can vary from very thin plastic sheets to the stiff plastic products. High frequency plastic welding machine is composed by the top platen (electrode) and the lower platen (electrode). You can weld your product by fixing the mold on the top or lower electrodes

 When the high frequency is in motion, the upper platen will decent and contact lower platen. Then, the mould fixed on the platen will weld the product with high frequency current. Thus, high frequency welding is to apply, heat welding, pressure and high frequency energy simultaneously When the electric power is applied onto the material, it caused vibration of the molecule which generate heat and enhance melting and joint of the material. Under the frequency of 27.12MHz, the molecule consists of 27,120,000 times of movement per second. Without any imposing of external heat, the welding part creates a stronger bond than the original material

 Keywords: High Frequency High Frequency EVA hot-melt EVA adhesive plastic sheets laminated EVA EVA EVA foam bonding high-frequency high-frequency fusion frequency embossed embossed EVA coated tarpaulin High Frequency High Frequency EVA EVA EVA hot pressing high-frequency EVA protective clothing brand of financial high-frequency high-frequency high-frequency processing of EVA raincoat EVA film EVA tape.


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