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Infrared / อินฟราเรด

Sipin Power Regulator

UV / ยูวี

UVC Lamp / หลอดยูวีฆ่าเชื้อ


UVA-UVB / หลอดยูวีเอ-ยูวีบี


Hot Air Products


 Hand-Held Welding Forsthoff

 Hot Air Welding Machine JC Tool

High Pressure Blower

 High Frequeny Machine Heagon

 Toshiba Electron Triode Oscillation Tube


Thai Inter Lamp Forsthoff


Thai Inter lamp ยินดีต้อนรับ เรา จำหน่าย หลอดอินฟราเรด infrared lamp (short wave) และ Infrared Heater, รับสร้างเครื่องอบระบบความร้อนทุกชนิด,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          


HF Blister Packing

  High Frequency Welding Machine – Shuttle Tray type

What is High Frequency Welding? 

 High frequency welding is the high-frequency energy delivered to the thermoplastic plastic placed between two electrodes. Thermoplastic plastics can be constituted by two or three and more layers. The shape of upper electrode (mold) is made accordant to the desire embossing or welding shape on the plastic, and the lower electrode could be the shape of product appearance or just a piece of metal plate. The electrode is usually connected to the hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder, in order to apply pressure when welding

 High frequency welding is using a high-frequency current to generate heat, liquidate (melt) the plastic material together with the pressure to weld the materials completely, high cycle and then stop, after a period of time to cool so that the products cure, high frequency welding process is complete

 In general, bonding or embossed material is placed in the middle of two electrodes, the upper electrodes, which is the mould shape according to the desire welding shape of the produce, the lower electrode is a fixed metal plate, a layer of aluminum or copper will be covering the product, The shape of lower plates is also made based on the shape of products

 Keywords: MPE MPE adhesive tape processing high-frequency high frequency high frequency plastic sheets melt bonding MPE MPE MPE frequency MPE embossed plastic film coated hot high-frequency high-frequency fusion MPE MPE MPE fit high frequency voltage high frequency pressure MPE hot melt together the high-frequency processing of environmental materials MPE MPE MPE green plastic bonded high-frequency mark high frequency welding thin film MPE.


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